Apr 15


Losing yourself and you dont know why?

Who are you? Who am I?

We have let people tell us who we are

Though the ages.

We all have dreams of being what are minds eye see.

Are minds eye see a hero.

When the world see nothing!

Apr 14

Sping into another dayOh don’t be afraidCome out to playIll never enjoy your lifeSitting inside a boxLife can be a knifeSharp and to the pointOr it can be slow and freeBe poured with the life,That god as anointed for you!!!

Sping into another day
Oh don’t be afraid
Come out to play
Ill never enjoy your life
Sitting inside a box
Life can be a knife
Sharp and to the point
Or it can be slow and free
Be poured with the life,
That god as anointed for you!!!

Apr 12

“I’m like a bird I’ll only fly away” — Nelly Furtado

Apr 08

“Some times you have to look throught the clouds to see the sun!” — Natalia Westerberg

Apr 07


People keep themselves so distacted 
         Not willing to see who they really are.
               And not wishing too!
        The problem is thoughs who do see,
And sometimes they see to much!
      Those are the people who understand,
               just how sad this world is!

Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinade died yesterday!  So sad, such a talented artist!  My Prayers go out to his Family! 

Follow this link to watch videos on Thomas Kinkade @ CBS This Morning!http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505263_162-57410782/painter-of-light-thomas-kinkade-dies-at-54/

Let the Light Shine,The brighter better!It is all mine,A letter,A love story!Untolded :)

Let the Light Shine,
The brighter better!
It is all mine,
A letter,
A love story!
Untolded :)

Drew this my self :)

Drew this my self :)

Mar 04

What to do this week?

Trike Drifting AWesoMe! -

So want to do this!! yeah great way to speed the weekend! :P